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Rabati Fortress – Historical Fortress is in Samtskhe-Javakheti Administrative Center, Akhaltsikhe, specifically in the “Rabati” historical district. It is located on the bank of the river Potskhovi. Rabati Castle-Complex was rehabilitated and represents various periods of medieval times. Fortress-complex was the most important defensive construction of the region, and its walls are reminiscent of the number of hard fights. For centuries there was a residence of Akhaltsikhe lords. The fortress had three fences surrounded by an underground tunnel.

Fortress history dates back to the IX century. In the XII-XIII centuries, the fortress became a residence of Jakeli lords, it was rebuilt and expanded afterwards. From this time there is a toponym “Akhaltsikhe”, meaning the renovated fortress. In 2011-2012 during the restoration of the fortress, citadel, IX-X c. Some other constructions were also rehabilitated, including Orthodox Cathedral, Haji Akhmed-Pasha Jakeli’s mosque, Medresi, Minareti, and Jakeli Palace, with the exhibition hall of Samtskhe-Javakheti History Museum. Overall, the city represents a mixture of the Georgian culture, the catholic and Muslim cultures.

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