Corporate Services

Corporate Services

Transfers Georgia is offering transportation services for businesses and corporations from all over the world. If your company is in the need of having their employees or guests navigated from one place of the city to another, then you are on the right page and we are here to help you.

We have tried our best to make the process of signing the contract plain and simple. Let us know how much money your company is willing to spend on transportation service, we are always ready to make discounts for our partners.

Simply send us at least some information about your upcoming transportation inquiry by email and we will get in touch with you sooner than you think!

Special Prices For Partners

We are offering discounted prices for our partners. If you need often transportation, tours or any other services what we can offer, become our partner and get special pricelist

Buses with 28-32 seats

In this category, we are offering mostly Isuzu and Iveco buses which have a maximum capacity of 32 seats. We can also offer Mercedes buses for VIP orders

Coaches with 48-56 seats

Our fleet of coaches are mostly with 48 or 56 seats. We are offering Mercedes Benz 404, MAN or IVECO coaches.