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Top 5 Instagram Perfect Places in Georgia

In the digital age, we are actually living virtually. We pay electronically, meet new people, work remotely and want to have some fun photos on Instagram. We present you 5 locations that look especially impressive on Insta.

13 Betlem str., Tbilisi, Georgia

Tbilisi – Bethlehem Street

Let’s start with Tbilisi. Bethlehem Street is one of the most attractive places in the old part of the city for tourism, you may have noticed the beautiful stained glass building in the photos of others, but you could not find it. It is located at Bethlehem # 13 and is not only the only house with a fully stained glass entrance, but also has a bath on the side of the courtyard, in front of which the flowering trees emit an amazing scent and enchant any visitor.

Lailashi secret pool in Racha
Lailashi “Secret” pool in Racha

Lailashi Secret Pool – Lailashi, Racha

The next stop is far away from Tbilisi when you turn from Racha to Lechkhumi, a spectacular view awaits you at the pool – Lajanuri Reservoir lost in the mountains, Sairme columns and beautiful roads that will lead you not only to the temple but also to the pool hanging on the mountain. The pool is quite small and can not accommodate many people at once, however, intruders can spoil your Instagram photos, so it is better to arrive early in the morning as this pool is public and everyone can accommodate it. Swimming in the pool may not get you any special sensations, however, everyone on Instagram will envy you.


Shovi Sanatorium

Lets stay in Racha and approach Shovi with its coniferous forest, pure river and sky-high glaciers is totally a wonder, though at the bottom of Shovi there is one distinctive house. This building is considered by some to be Stalin’s palace, some to be inhabited by the Romanovs for some reason, but in reality, neither one nor the other has set foot on this resort. The construction of Shovi is connected with the name of Shamshe Lezhava from Ambrolauri, who received a European education, started the construction of a resort in the 1920s and was officially opened in 1929. The building still bears traces of old glory and even in this condition fascinates visitors.

Dukhabors House in Gorelovka

Gorelovka – Dukhabors in Ninotsminda

Now let’s move to the south of Georgia, in particular to the amazing village of Dukhobors in Ninotsmina – Gorelovka. Dukhobors means soul or spirit warrior and he is an extremely Protestant confessor of Russian Orthodoxy. At the end of the nineteenth century, more than 2,000 Dukhobors burned weapons in protest of violence, for which they were punished and deported to Georgia and Siberia. The houses of the Dukhobors are distinguished by their colourful ornamented facades, and the village shrine in Gorelovka is uniquely elegant.

Paliastomi Lake in Kolkheti National Park

Paliastomi lake – Kolkheti National Park

Finally, one of the most beautiful places, Kolkheti National Park, has been saved. Here you can take a boat ride on Lake Paliatomi and its narrow canals, and finally, you can be accommodated in the Couscous Tourist Shelter by the lake and take incredible photos for Instagram

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