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Kakheti is the oldest and unique viticulture and winemaking region in Georgia. Most of the vineyards of Georgia are located in this region and the species of produced wines are characterized by unique and exclusive characteristics. The traditional Georgian method of pitcher wine was given the title of UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage Site in 2013, which points out the uniqueness of this method and is a message to the whole world that wine is an integral part of ancient and modern Georgian culture.

On the outskirts of Alazani Valley in Kvareli, there is a unique wine cellar – a tunnel. The tunnel is set in the cliffs of the Caucasus, opened in 1962 specifically for the World Congress of Vine and Wine and is currently the “Khareba Winery” wine preserve. The best wines of the Kakheti region have been stored here for several decades. It maintains a natural temperature of 12-14 C throughout the year, with a humidity of 70%, which makes it ideal for storing and maturing wine. This is the perfect place to take up the wine tasting.

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