Gudauri Tours and Transportation Service

Gudauri Tours and Transportation Service


Gudauri Tours and Transportation Service

Gudauri Tours and Transportation Service

From Tbilisi there’re seen many mountains, though in the distance there’s one outstanding and somehow intriguing one, which is seen only in the early morning. If you see that you’ll feel sorrow for that distance and inaccessibility.
Gudauri is known as a ski resort, but it has an ambition to be much more.

Being at Gudauri

At first people usually get a 1-day tour to Gudauri. You think you’ll go, ski a little, have a nice day and that’s all. Everything is clear and simple. People love having that power of being able to wrap someone in a strong and enchanting adventure.

Road from Tbilisi To Gudauri

If you are in Georgia for the first time, you immediately feel head over heels as you leave Tbilisi and you may even start trembling with thoughts – here’s something old and archaic, where am I?! I mean the old capital of Georgia Mtskheta, but this time you just pass it by and have a glance from the car. Soon you enter the Aragvi valley. You see plenty of old watch-towers, have a lot of questions, but you just start awaking and also feel shy to speak. You get to Ananuri monastery and great reservoir.  Then you realize that periodically you see people sitting at the roads and selling some goods. You finally start speaking and ask to stop near them. You find wonderful and original cap of shepherds, also cap of warriors with archaic, Gudauri Tours and Transportation Service. On top of one of the mountains you see a monastery, that’s Lomisa St. George monastery with its history and saint chain, that for a lot of ordinary people represents an unexplained mysticism.

And finally you get to Gudauri, where in addition to skiing you can have sledges, do paragliding in clouds, heli-skiing and heli-boarding. At about 5 o’clock you finish skiing. You’re just excited with Gudauri, its comfortable infrastructure, abundance of beautiful hotels and hostels. Now you added physical activity to your morning sightseeing emotions, so it’s time for Khinkali, that worldwide known Georgian food and now you’re in its homeland.

Different Places To Go

You can either return back towards Tbilisi and eat Khinkali somewhere on your road. But I just advise you not to return back and go further to Kazbegi region. You can do this if you travel with your personal Taxi, you can use Transfers Georgia service  to plan your tour in this way before your arrival. For comfortable journey you can visit the web-page and book a car. They will just serve you when and where you want within the Caucasus region.

Spend winter vacations in Gudauri and return back in summer, pass the Gergeti monastery and that upper Betlemi cave, where the monks lived once and conquer the Kazbegi glacier.