Gudauri Ski Resort best to visit Georgia at winter Time

Gudauri ski resort

Gudauri Ski Resort best to visit Georgia at winter Time

Before you start reading this blog I advise you to forget all problems, everyday life, that widely spread and established stress and depression, leave everything down in the cities and towns and take a path to the high mountains.

Gudauri Ski Resort best to visit Georgia at winter Time

Gudauri is a resort which represents an essence of life in winter for a lot of Georgians and not only Georgians. The energetics of Gudauri remains so deep-seated in the head and body that it charges you for the whole year. The only thing that people worry about in Gudauri is the lack of large restaurants and clubs, but for me it’s just the possibility to get fully involved in sporting and natural rest.

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Comfort in Gudauri Ski Resort is maximal. This is driven by the following factors: It’s close to the capital of Georgia, Tbilisi. The road from the Tbilisi airport to Gudauri takes about two hours and it even becomes ideal if you choose to use the Taxi service of “Transfers Georgia”. They will meet you at the airport with a board with your name and take you directly to Gudauri, thus you will avoid the problems of getting taxi, long rows, enlarged taxi rates and even if you manage to get to Tbilisi yourself, there’s a big problem of getting a seat in the bus from Tbilisi to Gudauri. So I just offer to use a “Transfers Georgia” Taxi service and order it online before your arrival. So the next positive side of Gudauri is the cheap prices that are 2-3 times lower than those of similar resorts of Europe. (5 Gel for one lift that is about 2-3 USD, just 240 GEL for ten days that is about 120 USD) And the skiing routes are multifarious, starting from the very easy routes for children and beginners and ending with the most difficult categories. All these are located close to each other, in one system, so you don’t have to catch a car to go from one mountain to another as it often is needed in other resorts.

The cable cars are fast and well organized. There is a snow park, you can also have sledges, paragliding in clouds, heli-skiing and heli-boarding. In just a few minutes from Gudauri you enter the Kazbegi region and the famous historical place Gergeti that is just a huge and separate theme to talk about. So the comfort in Gudauri Ski Resort is truly maximal.

If you’re interested in formal information I will provide you with some. Gudauri is located in Kazbegi region, 120 km from Tbilisi. The season starts in December and lasts till May with the lower station at 1,990 meters above sea and the highest point a bit above 3000 meters. By the official sources there are about 22 routes that form a total distance of over 50 km. There are 6 open lifts and Gondola lift that is a closed cable car. The first route is for children and beginners. The third lift (it’s called “Kudebi”) and the “Gondola” lift are included in the most difficult category (so-called “black” category).

Now not be very formal I will try to describe just one simple day in Gudauri. You wake up early in the morning, most of the hotels are close to the routes so you can walk or slip to the lifts. In the morning all the routes are well-worked and smoothed, the weather is calm, the sun is not disturbing and there’re very few people. So you just do what you want and how you want! If you get to the top of the mountain you may even forget to slip down as the views are so breathe taking. Then you start skiing, free skiing. Your muscles and brain are relaxed. So you just take pleasure. Along with your evoking more people are gathering and the noise is increasing. So you raise your speed just to get the maximal adrenaline and tension of your muscles. And the sun follows you and comes to its zenith, so you can just have a rest in the café on high mountains. Meet and talk to new people, and even the most laggard ones appear to be joyful and emotional there. In the evening the people are slowly leaving, you also don’t have much energy but you have emotion that makes you do something above your possibilities. You start skiing, somehow trying to fight the end of the day, the sunset and like the old fisherman you try to catch the last and the biggest fish. You do the everyone’s dream to exceed human possibilities. The day is over, you made your circle, maybe about 12 lifts, you just can’t move but you are filled with the pleasure of tiredness. You go to your hotel and have a true rest. On each following day you start with the same things but the emotions are just doubled.

I wish you a positive time in Gudauri. If you didn’t manage to relax during reading this article you will not have to worry about that in Gudauri. Gudauri itself will make you forget all problems, everyday life, that widely spread and established stress and depression, you’ll leave everything down in the cities and towns and join the high mountains.