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Khevsureti Hiking/Horse Riding Tour (3 Day – 40 KM)

Khevsureti is a historical-ethnographic region in eastern Georgia. It’s the most mysterious region with almost 3000 inhabitants, who some believe that they are the last descendants of the Crusaders. They are the branch of Kartvelian (Georgian) people located along both the northern (Pirikita khevsureti) and southern (Piraketa khevsureti) slopes of the Great Caucasus Mountains. Khevsureti borders with Chechnya in the north, Through Khevsureti run steep valleys overlooked by ancient fortresses.

In this tour you have a possibility to see: Shatili (UNESCO World heritage site with 60 towers), Mutso (Medieval village) Abudelauri lakes (three lakes: green, blue and white), Roshka and the most beautiful untouched nature in Caucasus mountains of Georgia.

Please contact us and we will calculate prices for you, as it’s hard to have fixed prices for hiking tours.

Product Description

Price will Include
▶ Comfortable car with air-conditioner
▶ Professional Tour Guide (English, Russian language)
▶ Professional and experienced driver
▶ Accommodation in guesthouse or hostel
▶ Hiking accessories like: Tent, sleeping bag, etc.
▶ Horses per person
Important information to consider

▶ Tour destinations and hiking distance can be reduced.
▶ Accommodation can be provided in guesthouses/hostels or in tents (campsite).
▶ Horses can be used to ride some distances if you wish.

Day 1 - hiking distance 8 km
08:00 – Pick up from the hotel in Tbilisi
13:00 – Lunch in the village of Roshka
13:30 – Start of hiking from Roshka
16:30 – Green Lake
17:00 – Blue Lake
18:00 – White Lake
19:30 – Dinner
21:00 – Night at camp (tents) or hostel in Roshka
Day 2 - hiking distance 7 km
09:00 – Breakfast
09:45 – Start of Hiking through the village Roshka
14:00 – Lunch
14:30 – Going from Roshka to shatili
16:00 – Datvijvari Pass , At an altitude of 2676 m.
17:00 – Shatili
18:00 – Dinner
20:00 – Overnight at camp (tents) or hostel in Shatili
Day 3 hiking distance 24 km
09:00 Breakfast
10:00 Hiking from Shatili to Mutso
14:00 Lunch on the way
15:00 Mutso
20:00 Leaving Khevsureti and back to Tbilisi by car