Goderdzi ski resort




Goderdzi Pass, located two hours drive from the popular seaside resort town of Batumi in Adjara, Georgia is ideally situated for the creation of a four-season mountain resort. At an elevation of 2000m, the mountains are snow-covered from November to April, while the gently rolling topography of the valley floor offers plentiful development zones. Sitting at around 1700m eleveation, the resort base is below the tree like, offering an attractive and welcoming character throughout the seasons. The Wilderness setting offers the visitor unique experiences, fresh-air and world-class scenery. The opportunties for ski area development at Goderdzi Pass have been thoroughly studied by a team of International Consultants. The Mountain Concept Plan identifies the best areas for a wide range of skiingabxilities, and proposes an efficient and phased strategy of lifts to serve them. Visitors arriving by coach will be dropped off at the main arrival plaza, or at the perimeter access lobbies for each hotel. Visitors arriving by car will park in an under-structure parking lot created below the village.This parking structure will be built in the first phase to flatten out the gently sloping topography of the village site, meaning an efficient use of site preparation investment, such that construction of multiple foundations is avoided while hiding unsightly car parking.


Batumi International Aiport currently offers flights to several major centres, including a regular service to Istanbul and daily flights to the Georgain Capital, Tbilisi. Several new routes are also planned for the near future.

Goderdzi Road

Within a 4-hour drive of Goderdzi Pass The regional market catchment area comprises a population of over 5 Million people. The Georgian and Adjaran Governments are in the process of a major highways improvement program worth. Once complete, the drive time to Batumi will be less than 2 hours, and to Tbilisi, 3 hours. The road improvements will also reduce travel times to North-Eastern Turkey and Armenia, already major markets for Batumi summer tourism.

Goderdzi Spring

As the snow melts, the attractiveness of Goderdzi Pass will extend into the springtime. Dazzling displays of alpine wildflowers and peaceful hiking through the forests, or to the nearby Green Lake, will delight visitors. Just to the east of the main village, a site of over 100ha has been identified for development of a golf course. Existing mineral springs are already visited by locals, and these will be further developed and enhanced to create wellness destination.

Goderdzi Summer

Often, when it is raining in Batumi, it is brightened sunny at Goderdzi Pass. The existing popularity of Batumi as a regional and international summer destination will be complemented by the resort at Goderdzi Pass. In the beginning, tourist facilities at Goderdzi Pass will provide an attractive day trip for Batumi visitors to explore. As Goderdzi develops further, the summer time offer will be expanded to include conference facilities, festivals and a mountain-top lookout & restaurant. A refuge for orphaned or rescued bears and other native wildlife will provide a unique family attraction and educational assett. Extensive hiking and trail networks will provide recreation for families, while mountain-biking, paragliding and an alpine luge will offer thrills for the more adventurous. The animated village core will ensure that there is a clear destination for summer visitors, and this lively centre filled with shops, restaurants and cafes, will become an attraction in it’s own right.

Goderdzi Autum

Spectacular displays of autumn forest colours will draw tourists to Goderdzi, with the resort centre acting as a base for exploration. Harvest festivals and traditional celebrations will provide additional incentives for tourists from Batumi and the region. The masterplan has also identified several features not typically associated with tourist destinations. These other functions will help to keep the resort viable year-round, to provide employment for local residents, and to add additional layers of interest and meaning to the resort, creating awareness and maximizing the benefits from the seasonal infrastructure.

Goderdzi Pass

The heart of the village is the main Skier’s Plaza, located next to the main ski gondola. Views to the mountain peaks and forested hills frame the plaza, which has also been sited for maximum sun exposure. The plaza is also the access point for the suspension bridge towards the bear sanctuary and nature centre. The village development will start off with a group of well-designed hotels offering an array of amenities to the first visitors. In the future stages of development, Goderdzi will provide a variety of masterplanned accommodation, such that rental apartments, forest cabins, townhouses for families, private luxury villas, and a luxury spa hotel are each located in the optimum position, protecting the interests of all stakeholders.

The Village Goderdzi

The Goderdzi Pass Masterplan identifies distinct zones, each offering a different character and serving a different function. The main village centre will be the active heart of the destination, anchored by the main ski lifts and several hotels, while passive accomodation zones and private real-estate for sale will be established at the perimeter (within walking distance to the centre). An infrastructure strategy to support the proposed development has been prepared by ARUP.

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